Lyle B. Benson Loan Consultant Inc.

Consulting and processing of business loan applications with secondary market financing.

Consider what an experienced guide can do for you.

Lyle B. Benson has provided management assistance for businesses that have difficulty in keeping loan payments current for many years. Mr. Benson’s problem solving ability comes from 31 years of experience with the United States Small Business Administration (Fed. Govt.). Being able to analyze financial data and being objective and realistic is very important to solving difficult financial problems. His ability to work with nearly all banks provides a unique ability, which includes understanding each bank’s credit policy, their philosophy, their objectives and what financial data they will accept as constituting a well managed business. Knowing what the bank wants to see will help resolve problems the bank and businesses are currently experiencing and can provide growth and expansion to new levels. Since Mr. Benson has audited the loan files of approximately one third to one half of the banks in South Dakota, he can provide valuable insight on how banks close their loans and service them, as well as how they process loans.