Management Assistance:

    Lyle B. Benson has provided management assistance for businesses that have difficulty in keeping loan payments current for over 11 years. Mr. Benson's problem solving ability comes from 31 years of experience with the United States Small Business Administration (Fed. Govt.). Being able to analyze financial data and being objective and realistic is very important to solving difficult financial problems. His ability to work with nearly all banks provides a unique ability, which includes understanding each bank's credit policy, their philosophy, their objectives and what financial data they will accept as constituting a well managed business. Knowing what the bank wants to see will help resolve problems the bank and businesses are currently experiencing and can provide growth and expansion to new levels. Since Mr. Benson has audited the loan files of approximately one third to one half of the banks in South Dakota, he can provide valuable insight on how banks close their loans and service them, as well as how they process loans.


    Having liquidated loans and businesses for the United States Small Business Administration, Mr. Benson has knowledge of how to go about liquidating the assets securing a loan. It is not always necessary to take Bankruptcy as workout terms are and can be a better solution. However, a person needs the experience of working with numerous liquidation cases to know how to go about either pursuing bankruptcy or working out the terms that will eventually get the business back into a successful financial position. His experience in working with various lawyers that specialize in liquidation cases can be of valuable assistance when counseling businesses on how to work out extremely difficult financial problems.


    Mr. Benson has testified in state and federal courts as a material witness on behalf of banks, Government Agencies and lawyers for businesses regarding financial matters and is regarded as an expert witness by some lawyers in financial cases. He also has experience and knowledge of how the Small Claims Court operates.

Business History:

    Lyle B. Benson graduated from the University of South Dakota School of Business, then started his career with 4 years of employment in the CPA profession, auditing books and preparing Federal Income Tax Returns. He was employed by the United States Small Business Administration for 31 years and retired in 1997. Mr. Benson commenced the current consulting business in August 1997 and has now processed loans from Sioux Falls to the Black Hills and from Yankton to Aberdeen, SD. Loan amounts vary currently from $500,000.00 to $12,000,000.00.


    Mr. Benson will process the larger loans throughout the United States and has provided counseling on management assistance and liquidation. Some of the larger loans already processed include: Assisted Living and Full Nursing homes, Casinos, Apartments, Malls, Offices, Condos, Industrial, Health Club, Mobile Home Park, Golf Courses, Restaurants, Hotel/Motel Franchised Businesses, Manufacturing, Seasonal Inns/Resorts, Bed and Breakfast, Day Care, Marinas, Recreational Facilities, Retail Strip Malls, Large Single Family Homes, Large Warehouses and Special Purpose Facilities such as Hospitals and Medical Clinics. He has processed nearly all types of business loans excluding those related to the mining and oil refining industries. Please feel free to contact him for references on the more recent projects assisted.